Visiting Critics Vienna. Public Discussion
Monday, 13. September 2021, 6:30pm
DEPOT - Raum für Kunst und Diskussion
Breite Gasse 3
1070 Vienna

 Visiting Critics Vienna. Public Discussion
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Originally planned date: 20. – 29. April 2020

Note: Due to COVID-19 these the program had to be postoponed to spring 2022. New dates will be announced soon

Location: Vienna, Austria 

Program guests:
Antonia Alampi, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Noit Banai, Charles Esche, Lana Čmajčanin, Margareta Kern, Brandon LaBelle, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Jelena Petrović, Red Min(e)d, Klaus Speidel, Madina Tlostanova, Françoise Vergès,  and others.

After many theoretical, practical and political attempts to redefine the geopolitics of the contemporary world, there has always been present an impossibility to define any geographic location outside the global map of the hegemonic distribution of power. Inhuman chains of migrations, extreme class differences, global rise of the right-wing politics, religious fanaticism and fascism along with catastrophic climate changes are becoming a global geopolitical frame of today’s neoliberal society. Using different means of diversification – the old ones such as colonial, capitalist and patriarchal mechanisms of social and geographical (re)production and the new ones such as technological, scientific and (techno)cultural methods of political and territorial identification – it is obvious that our global world has become a geopolitical space where most people do not feel to belong to. Following the link between unsettled geographies and the politics of belonging, Spring Curatorial Program 2020: Art Geographies explores critical, decolonial, feminist and materialist theories side by side with artistic, sound, digital and discursive practices. Addressing the possible mode of political subjectivation (the politics of belonging) rather than another mode of (geo)political identification (the politics of identity), the program looks for critical geographies shaped by geopolitical zones of discomfort. 

Jelena Petrović, from the curatorial concept

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Program details and timeline will be published soon.

The program is supported by FWF, Austrian Federal Chancellery, City of Vienna and ERSTE Foundation.

Verein K is an independent arts and cultural organization from Vienna, founded in January 2018. Verein K focuses on projects in the field of contemporary art and culture connecting diverse cultural and social interests: critical approaches to contemporary art, creating curatorial platforms as well as enabling innovative cultural practices including diverse social groups.

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