Visiting Critics Vienna. Public Discussion
Monday, 13. September 2021, 6:30pm
DEPOT - Raum für Kunst und Diskussion
Breite Gasse 3
1070 Vienna

 Visiting Critics Vienna. Public Discussion
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Visiting Critics Vienna 2019

Visiting Critics Vienna is a residency program for four international established art critics. 
It is the third edition of the program, organised by Vienna based association Verein K and AICA – International Association of Art Critics Austria. 

The program will take place September 19.–28. in Vienna.

A strong focus is on networking the Viennese and international art scene as well as on strengthening the position of the art criticism in Austria. 
In the course of a ten-day program, the selected participants will be given comprehensive and profound insights into the contemporary Viennese art scene.


The residency program will consist of artists’ studio visits, off spaces, art collections, galleries, guided tour through selected exhibitions, meetings with curators as well as visit to the art fair viennacontemporary, gallery festival curated by_ and the festival in Graz steierischerherbst’19. 

Part of the program is dedicated to cooperation with international and Austrian art magazines, where the invited art critics will publish their texts on an exhibition, event, artist related to the Viennese/Austrian contemporary art scene.

In the framework of the residency a panel discussion will be held on the Role of Art Criticism.

The networking and bringing together of different experts of the arts and industry Visiting Critics Vienna aims to make a lasting contribution to Vienna as an art and cultural location by providing the Viennese scene and the critics with experience and contacts for future activities, thereby underlining Vienna‘s international perception as an important center of contemporary art is further strengthened.


The participants are nominated by a comitee consisting of AICA Austria, Kimberly Bradley (Art Critic; Journalist) and Sean O’Tool (Art Critic; Journalist; Editor; Participant in the second edition of the residency program in 2018).

The program will be created by the mentioned committee as well as by the Verein K team both for the whole group as well individually for each participant according to her/his requests.

The professional background of the nominated critics, their geographical origin and gender balance will be taken into account.

Participants Visiting Critics Vienna 2019



Published articles in the framework of ​Visiting Critics Vienna 2019:

-> ARTFORUM – Review by Kristian Vistrup Madsen

-> Springering – Review by Kristian Vistrup Madsen

-> Camera Austria – Review by Louisa Elderton

-> Artnet – Review by Louisa Elderton

-> ARTFORUM – Review by Rahel Aima

-> ARKASNEWS – Review by Evrim Altug

-> Gazete Duvar – Review by Evrim Altug

The program is supported by the City of Vienna, Austrian Federal Chancellery and AICA Austria.

Verein K is an independent arts and cultural organization from Vienna, founded in January 2018. Verein K focuses on projects in the field of contemporary art and culture connecting diverse cultural and social interests: critical approaches to contemporary art, creating curatorial platforms as well as enabling innovative cultural practices including diverse social groups.

Verein K – Kunst, Kultur, Kommunikation 
ZVR – Zahl: 1413308554 
+43 699 176 300 21 
IBAN: AT05 2011 1838 5345 0200